Good Reasons to Kill: An Anthology of Morality, Murder & Madness. Available on Amazon.

500,000 people die on this planet every year as a result of intentional violence and homicide such as war, terrorism, domestic violence, infanticide, gang violence, honour killings and state executions. But is killing ever justified? Should you kill to protect someone you love? Is killing for your country patriotism or murder? Is the death penalty justified or vengeance? Is one human life worth more than another?

The UNODC Global Study on Homicide 2013 aims to shed light on the worst of crimes — the intentional killing of one human being by another. Beyond resulting in the deaths of nearly half a million people a year, this form of violent crime has a broad impact on security across all societies. Alongside intentional homicide related to other criminal activities and socio-political agendas, the study examines homicide related to interpersonal conflict, which includes homicides perpetrated by intimate partners or family members.

Unlike other forms of homicide, which vary significantly across regions and from year to year, intimate partner and family-related homicide remains persistent and prevalent. In ‘Good Reasons to Kill’, former soldier Chris Rhyss Edwards attaches a human face to violence in society by sharing stories of people from all walks of life who have chosen or been forced by circumstance to kill.

Over a five year time span he investigated subjects spanning homicide, war, euthanasia, abortion, child soldiers, infanticide, state execution, terrorism and honor killings to understand why we kill. Good Reasons to Kill is an anthology of stories which aims to make a reader ask – what would I do in the same circumstance?cropped-cr-header2.jpg

The Author

Chris Rhyss Edwards is a former soldier turned digital media professional and writer. After spending a decade in uniform in the Australian Army he has spent the past two decades in media. He has studied Entrepreneurship & Innovation through the University of Adelaide, holds a Master’s in Creative Writing from Queensland University of Technology, and is currently planning a Neuroscience PhD with UTS.

In 2010, Chris undertook a sabbatical from corporate life to research a REALLY BIG QUESTION: do we ever have a good reason to kill? Over a five year timespan he researched and interviewed people on controversial topics spanning euthanasia, abortion, child soldiers, infanticide, state execution, terrorism and honour killings, before writing Good Reasons to Kill, the first book of its kind that shares the stories of twenty people who have had to confront the biggest moral dilemma possible.